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This is the page where we’re supposed to tell you that we’re magical GMAT tutors who can raise your score by 200 points in, like, six weeks or something.

(Are you just looking for our GMAT tutoring rates? You’re welcome to click here, but we strongly encourage you to read the rest of this page before you think about hiring us. Your call, though.)

Anyway, I think we’re supposed to give you all sorts of guarantees and statistics that show that we’ve developed some magical curriculum, filled with tips and tricks that will get you to a 760 GMAT score and a free ride to a top-10 MBA program.

Sorry, we don’t do any of that. We have long and outstanding track records as GMAT tutors: we’ve helped hundreds of students achieve dramatic score improvements, and our former students have been admitted to every elite MBA program in the world, including HBS, Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD, and LBS, among countless others.

If you want proof, you’re always welcome to ask for references, or you can click here for piles of reviews of our GMAT tutoring. We’re relentlessly honest people, and we won’t feed you a line of crap about massive, easy score improvements, since improving your GMAT score is rarely easy.

We’ll make you work hard – and work efficiently – to achieve your GMAT goals. Think of tutoring as a partnership: we’ll provide structure, passion, and expert guidance, but we’ll expect you to provide a whole lot of time, energy, and introspection, too.

Uncovering Your Real GMAT Weaknesses

As GMAT tutors, our job is to figure out what, exactly, holds you back from your GMAT goals – especially if it’s not what you ever would have expected. We never spend our tutoring sessions simply going through random GMAT problems. Instead, we uncover the fundamental causes of your underperformance on the GMAT.

Often, we discover that a student’s REAL problems on the GMAT aren’t quite what they want to hear. Almost every test-taker would love to believe that they just need to learn a few more math formulas, or grammar rules, or logic “tricks”, and their GMAT problems will be solved.

But reality is far more complicated than that, unfortunately. Sure, sometimes the problem is something simple and fixable, such as rusty quant foundations or a bad approach to GMAT Reading Comprehension questions. More often, the problems are more subtle: you’re sloppy and rush through easy questions, or you’re stubborn on the harder questions, or you’ve never really learned how to understand the author’s purpose when you read an RC passage, or you don’t know how to stop “using your ear” on Sentence Correction.

Or maybe the core problem isn’t specific to the GMAT at all. Maybe you’re suffering from test anxiety, or your unstable diet leads to an unstable performance, or you don’t sleep enough, or you simply need to get better at eliminating distracting thoughts on test day.

We could go on. The bottom line is that we’ll help you build a deeper understanding of what REALLY holds you back — even if it’s not something you ever would have expected. Our most significant breakthroughs come from digging inside our students’ minds, and discovering the habits and processes that lead to unnecessary errors — and then figuring out how to change those behaviors.

In many cases, we’re able to succeed with students who have battled the GMAT for months or years before hiring us. It’s not uncommon for us to help students achieve a major breakthrough after they’ve already done every GMAT Official Guide problem six times, after they’ve hired three other high-priced tutors, or after they’ve taken the exam seven times. (Yes, those are all real examples.)

We succeed with the toughest GMAT cases because we’re not afraid to be unorthodox. If you’ve already taken every GMAT test-prep course in existence, we’re probably the tutors who can figure out exactly why those courses haven’t helped you achieve your goals.


Unfortunately, the GMAT is a pain in the butt. It’s not really a knowledge test at all: it’s a “reasoning exam”, designed to test your ability to battle through layers of reading and logic. Sure, the GMAT contains some straightforward, 10th-grade content that serves as part of the exam’s foundation, but it ultimately requires flexible, logical thinking and a disciplined, precise approach to questions.

We’d love to tell you that if you learn a bunch of simple tricks (“when in doubt, pick D!”), you’ll achieve a spectacular GMAT score. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth: the GMAT is designed to be resistant to test-prep coaching, and GMAC’s data indicates that most repeat test-takers do not achieve meaningful improvements in their GMAT scores.

In other words, if it were possible to achieve GMAT success by just memorizing a bunch of formulas or gimmicks, then huge GMAT score improvements would be everywhere. But in reality, if you’re struggling to achieve your target GMAT score, you probably need something more than tips, tricks, and flashcards.

How Online GMAT Tutoring Works

The whole point of one-on-one tutoring is that we don’t follow a rigid curriculum, and everything we do is based on each student’s unique situation. We rely heavily on data from your ESRs, practice exams, and homework, along with proprietary assessments to help diagnose test-day performance issues.

When you sign up for GMAT tutoring, our first goal is to understand your mind better than you understand it yourself. We’ll take a deep dive through your previous GMAT results, we’ll assign a pile of diagnostic homework, and then we’ll watch you in real-time to see how your brain works.

Once we understand exactly what’s driving your GMAT results, we’ll create a plan to address your issues. After each session, we’ll assign a personalized homework list, and we’ll meticulously track your results, with the goal of helping you build new habits that will get you to your target score. Every step of the way, we’ll adjust our improvement plan based on your progress.

In other words, everything we do is customized to address the quirks of your individual brain, and no two students ever have the same experience with us.We work hard to be the best GMAT tutors for your unique needs.

Because everybody faces their own challenges, we don’t generally expect students to sign up for a certain number of tutoring sessions in advance. Unless the GMAT Ninja Test Anxiety Program is a perfect fit for you, we won’t offer you a tutoring “package” in advance, since most students have no idea how much tutoring they’ll really need in advance. Most of our students just pay for one session at a time.

In other words, you’re welcome to fire us anytime if you’re not making progress after you start tutoring with us, and we won’t sell you anything that you don’t actually need.

For more on our approach to tutoring, check out this video. If you’re specifically interested in understanding what might be holding you back on verbal, this video might help, too.

About Our GMAT Tutors

Because we understand that a pre-written curriculum won’t do much for most of our students, we only hire tutors with the skills to deeply understand students’ minds and find unique solutions to their GMAT struggles.

We’re successful only because our tutors are broad-minded, flexible, emotionally intelligent, and creative, in addition to being great at taking standardized exams themselves.

As a result, we end up hiring interesting people. Our team includes a novelist with more than 15 years of test-prep tutoring experience, another novelist who narrowly avoided becoming a doctor instead, an accomplished surfer with a 790 GMAT score, a former Army captain and West Point graduate, a Hebrew- and Arabic-speaking pastor, a former semipro rugby player, and an ex-professional dancer with perfect scores on the GRE and GMAT (and an impressive track record as an eater).

We hire fewer than 2% of applicants who want to work with us, and we inflict a cruel audition process on potential tutors. Our founder painstakingly trains our GRE and GMAT tutors personally, and we all collaborate frequently to make sure that we continuously improve as teachers. We all use the same materials and employ the same philosophies, and we’ve all trained — hard — to become nimble in our approach to tutoring.

Sure, we all have different personalities, but we work tirelessly to be similarly great at our craft, and we’re as unified as a collection of GMAT tutors possibly can be.

For more on the unique personalities on our team, check out our bios.

No salespeople or “academic advisors”— We’re just tutors

When you contact us for tutoring, you’ll never hear from a salesperson. The only people who will ever see your intake form are GMAT tutors, starting with our founder, who is the only person who ever answers tutoring or MBA admissions consulting inquiries.

We’ll be 100% honest from the start if we don’t think we can help, or if we don’t think that your goals are realistic. That may or may not be what you want to hear -- but we really don’t want your money unless we’re confident that we can help you improve your GMAT score.

So from the very start, be prepared for plenty of honesty, with no hollow guarantees or other sales-y silliness.

Be ready to study HARD with us

We’re flexible in our approach to tutoring, but we’re somewhat inflexible about one thing: we expect our students to do a ton of homework every week if they want to achieve real results. We generally assign roughly 15 hours of GMAT homework each week, with the idea that you’ll complete about two hours on weekdays, and a bit more on the weekend.

So if you want a painfully honest (but usually very polite) GMAT tutor who will kick you to the curb if you don’t do your homework, give us a shout. We’re really nice people in real life and we rarely enjoy kicking anybody to the curb, but it’s not fun for us to sit around and blabber about the GMAT while you waste your money on us.

So we’ll be completely straight about what we can do for you, and about what YOU need to do to achieve your GMAT goals.

Again, there’s no magic to any of this. Hiring a GMAT tutor is like hiring a personal trainer: if you want your GMAT brain to get big and buff, you need to pump some serious (quantitative and verbal) iron outside of our tutoring sessions. If any tutor tells you that a 200-point score increase is easy, he or she is lying through their teeth.

It certainly may be possible to raise your GMAT score by 100 points or 200 points or more, but it will require hours and hours of carefully focused practice on an almost-daily basis — and a willingness to change the fundamental ways you read, react, and think on a standardized exam.

Our tutors are currently located in Colorado, California, New York, Florida, Massachusetts, and Scotland. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, 100% of our students have chosen online tutoring, but if you’re interested in in-person tutoring in any of our locations, just let us know when you contact us.

If you’re ready to get rolling, please tell us your story here, and we’ll give you a 100% honest assessment of what we think we can do to help. And if we think your goals aren’t realistic, we’ll be honest about that, too.

Thank you for reading this far, and good luck with your GMAT and MBA ambitions!

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