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Our students consistently achieve their GMAT goals. Top scores are what we do.

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We Know the GMAT Better than Anyone

When you work with us, you’re working with GMAT veterans with a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed on the GMAT. We know how to think like the test-makers and beat them at their own game. We’re widely recognized experts with a depth and breadth of GMAT experience unparalleled in the industry.

Not surprisingly, we’ve helped thousands of students of all levels, from all across the globe, achieve their GMAT goals and earn seats at top business schools.

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Staff with a perfect GMAT Score (Marty Murray)

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60,000 posts with 55,000+ Kudos

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Creators of the only GMAT Course with a perfect 5-Star Rating on GMAT Club

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#1 Rated For Showing Deep GMAT Expertise

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#1 Rated on 2019, 2020, 2021

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We’re Expert Teachers

Even more important than our deep GMAT knowledge is our expert teaching ability. Everything we do together will be clear, actionable, and to the point. We’ll make even the most challenging concepts, strategies, and skills come to life for you. You can expect one of the best teaching experiences you’ve ever had.

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Personalized to Your Needs

Private tutoring is completely personalized to meet your unique needs. During each step of the process, you’ll learn exactly what you need to move closer to your target GMAT score.

Wherever you are in your GMAT journey, with each passing lesson, you’ll see your knowledge, skills, and confidence soar. Come test day, you'll be fully prepared to battle he GMAT.

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Our Approach

We know what it takes to achieve a great GMAT score, so we begin by providing an honest, realistic assessment of exactly what’s needed for reaching your goal. To do so, we use your performance data as well as information you provide about your GMAT preparation experience to determine how we’ll proceed with your tutoring.

Our personalized sessions focus on what you need to learn to achieve your GMAT score goal. We don’t just open a book and start reviewing practice questions. Rather, we start with topic-specific lessons that focus on areas you need to strengthen, and we adapt those lessons in real time to maximize what we accomplish in the session, and we don’t just teach. We actively work with you to analyze and optimize the ways in which you approach answering GMAT questions.

Also, we understand that GMAT success involves a combination of understanding the required content and being a savvy test-taker. So, we make a point of discussing key test-taking strategies during each lesson.


An Experienced Partner in Your Journey

When you work with us, you get more than just an expert teacher; you get an experienced partner in your GMAT journey. We’ve been through the GMAT preparation process thousands of times with thousands of students, and we know how to handle every aspect of the process. We’ll be with you each step of the way.

Preparing for the GMAT involves not only learning concepts and developing skills but also handling the challenges of the preparation process. We’ve been through that process thousands of times with thousands of students, and we know how to handle every aspect of it. Whether you are struggling to figure out how to fit studying into your busy schedule, want to know the best way to use practice tests, or could use some motivation, we have your back.

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TTP™ Private GMAT® Tutors

When you work with us, you work with the best in the business.

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Scott Woodbury-Stewart

Scott Woodbury-Stewart is the founder & CEO of Target Test Prep. A passionate teacher who is deeply invested in the success of his students, Scott began his career teaching physics, chemistry, math, and biology. Since then, he has spent more than a decade helping students gain entry into the world’s top business schools, logging 10,000+ hours of GMAT and GRE instruction.

Scott also served as lead content developer and curriculum architect for the revolutionary courses Target Test Prep GMAT and Target Test Prep GRE.

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Jeff Miller

Jeffrey Miller is the head GMAT instructor for Target Test Prep. Jeff has more than 14 years of experience in the business of helping students with low GMAT scores hurdle the seemingly impossible and achieve the scores they need to get into the top 20 business school programs in the world, including HBS, Stanford, Wharton, and Columbia.

Jeff also played a critical role in the development and creation of the TTP GMAT course. His extensive background in content creation allows him to think like the test makers, a skill he passes on to his tutoring students. In short, Jeff can help any student dominate the GMAT.

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Marty Murray

Marty Murray is the Chief Curriculum and Content Architect for Target Test Prep. A test prep veteran who has scored 800 on the GMAT, Marty is known worldwide for his understanding of the GMAT and how to prepare for it.

At Target Test Prep, Marty has helped thousands of people to achieve their GMAT and GRE score goals by creating insightful course content and challenging practice questions, and in one-on-one tutoring sessions, he brings to bear a wealth of knowledge and experience to help students get the results they want.

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Rich Zwelling

Rich Zwelling has been tutoring for more than a decade and has logged thousands of hours teaching and tutoring the GMAT to students on six continents. Whether fascinating his students with the subtleties of prime numbers or captivating them with the ins and outs of participial phrases, Rich loves helping his students crack challenging problems and gain entry into top business schools.

Rich has also been involved in curriculum design for top test prep companies and is thrilled to be on board with Target Test Prep. His empathetic, warm, and versatile approach combines with his 770 GMAT score to make him the ideal tutor for students of any background.


We help students reach their goal

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760 GMAT Score

I'm a good test taker, but tried to study on my own the first time around and scored a 690, much below my goal of 730. I then sought a tutor and was put in touch with Target Test Prep/Jeff Miller.

After 4 months of working through the TTP Flex program, I was scoring in the mid 700s on practice tests. I really contribute my improvement to 1) how comprehensive the course was -- it really forces you to learn each chapter and ingrains the information into your memory and 2) my tutoring sessions with Jeff, in which he introduced me to challenging questions that often came up on my practice tests/the real test, and helped explain solutions in ways that weren't conveyed through textbooks/courses.

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760 GMAT Score

Jeff was an excellent tutor, and the only one among a number of tutors I spoke with that I decided to hire. I hired Jeff in the hope that he could help me with my approach to specific problem types: inequalities, distance/rate, work/rate, and absolute values. On multiple occasions, I was able to tell Jeff something to the effect of, "that's exactly what I needed and exactly why I hired you." After the tutoring sessions, I was able to attack problems in under a minute that would previously have eaten up ~3 minutes of my time. On the official test, I ended up having 15 minutes to spare in the math section alone and started doing problems over and over again just to make sure I had the right answer.

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730 GMAT Score

Here's the thing about the GMAT: no two people are going to take the same path to a high score. You need a personalized, customized approach, and that's what TTP provides. My tutor spent the time to understand my strengths and weaknesses and then focused on the areas that were easiest to improve. In many instances I knew how to solve the problem but my tutor taught me a shortcut to shave off a few valuable seconds. I would definitely recommend TTP if you're aiming for a high score.

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710 GMAT Score

Seriously, I have taken EVERY GMAT prep program you can think of and Target Test Prep was the ONLY one from which I gained substantial results. If I had to do it all over again I would have started with TTP and saved myself so much time and frustration.

My tutor worked with me from start to finish. He was patient and continuously followed up with me when he could tell I had questions but did not want to ask. He also gave me various resources to help explain concepts I could not understand. My math percentile went from 54% to 70% after taking this prep program and my score increased from 650 to 710!

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